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It’s fucking May and it’s freezing. And I’ve been stranded in Jersey, in a broken down bus. And the air that we’re breathing, (it's toxic) from busted pistons and blown out spark plugs. My dad says, “It’s time to just come home. You can’t stay in Jackson all alone.” But I don’t think that we’re gonna go.
Because Mike and Lou, were lost inside the venue, and Jake doesn’t have his phone. (So get this.) Brian’s still so fucking sick,Zach’s at home and no one gives a shit about. About how, we’re gonna get home. (Tonight)
Will we ever get home? Will we get home?
We’ll never make it home
This was never about make or break, and we can fucking take it, so long as it’s dished out. Nothing in this world was ever easy. You’d best believe me. I’ve been where you are now.


from Fully Ignorant, released September 2, 2016



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